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Runescape Bestiary and Item Search now open!

The Runescape Bestiary and Item search is now out of beta.
Boasting over 14000 Runescape items and over 1800 Runescape beasts, this revamped search tool should help you with all your runescape needs.

Remember you can sign up for free to remove ads.
posted by Chris Whittle at 28/06/2017

Grand Exchange Search is out of beta

The Grand Exchange Search is now out of beta and is free for all to use, improvements are still needed,

Sign up for a free account to use it without ads, and try out the Runescape Item and Bestiary Search.

posted by Chris Whittle at 27/06/2017

Tracey Whittle

I am currently building a website for Tracey Whittle, a Painter and decorator near the Hampshire Wiltshire Dorset and New forest areas.

Take a look at it at, and if you're in the area and need a painting and decorating job done, please contact Tracey on the website.

posted by Chris Whittle at 02/06/2017


I have now enabled the Blog section of my website.

In these sections I will detail my projects and progress.

At some point when a product becomes ready to release, I will make links available, however in the mean time I will be looking for beta testers.

If you are interested in beta testing one of my products, please contact me at

posted by Chris Whittle at 31/05/2017

Grand Exchange

As an incentive for people signing up to my site, you will get full beta access to my Runescape Grand Exchange website.

The data for this site gets updated constantly, and has more items than any other Grand Exchange website (except for Jagex's own Grand Exchange site), including Grand Exchange Central which has only 3879 items at this time, as of writing 4266 Grand Exchange records are stored in my ever expanding database.

posted by Chris Whittle at 31/05/2017

Runescape Item Search

For anyone interested in more Runescape related features, I now have implemented my Items search functionality for anyone who signs up.

This has over 13000 items, and I have linked this with my Grand Exchange lookup so you can do things like work out how much high alching an item might cost.

This will be available to anyone who signs up during the beta.

If you have any problems or suggestions give me an email at

posted by Chris Whittle at 31/05/2017