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Welcome to

Welcome to,

I am a web developer and computer enthusiast based in Wiltshire.

This website is a blog which in which I hope to eventually include the many products and services I have been developing.

Things in the pipline include:

  1. A reboot to RSToolkit - a rival / alternative to swiftkit
  2. My compression encryption software. Based on blowfish and gzip, this will compress and encrypt (and also decompress and unencrypt) any file or piece of text.
  3. This Website! Made with C# MVC dotnet core. This will host some tools for some of my favorite games.
  4. DiabloIIIKit, a simple gear checker.
  5. KerryOS - An operating system.
And many more to come.

If you are interested in anything, would like some help with my tools (once released), or anything else don't hesitate to contact me at

posted by Chris Whittle at 31/05/2017